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Bhuleshwar temple is about 785 year old !!  Its a miracle to see the temple in comparatively good conditions weathering all the history of Yadavs, Moguls, Adilshahi and British. The Temple was built during the period of 1230 AD during Yadav Rulers. There are classical carvings on the walls. It has been declared as a protected monument.  As you can see from the picture below, they have applied protective color for the protection of dome. I am not happy about this as it destroys the originality.


Bhuleshwar is about 55 kms from Pune via Pune-Solapur highway. The approximate travel time each way is about 1 to 1.5 Hrs depending on traffic.  We started at 10 and were back home by 3:30 PM. The road condition is good upto Yavat. The road from Yavat to Bhleshwar ( 8-9 Kms)  is not that great.

There are a number of restaurants and dhabas on Pune-Solapur road for food. We had lunch at Kanchan. The restaurant is good, clean and prices are also reasonable.