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22nd August, 2016

Thoseghar waterfall is about 140 Kms from Pune and 36 Kms from Satara. The route is Pune-Satara-Sajjangad Road-Thoseghar. Once you start climbing the ghat towards Sajjangad, you will see “Y” junction and you will have to take left at “Y” junction to reach Thoseghar Water Fall. On the way, you can see giant wind mills as well.

The best time to visit Thoseghar is July/August when the rains are heavy. You will have to see the waterfall from a distance; unfortunately you can not get below the waterfall . There aren’t any decent places to at Thoseghar to but you can get tea, pakodas, etc.

On the way back, we visited Sajjangad. You will have to climb about 250 steps form parking to reach the main fort. The samadhi of Shri Samarthramdas is open throughout the day. If you reach by 12:30 PM, you can get free prasad ( lunch).

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We had lunch at Hotel Nivant on Kaas road. The food was good and the view of Satara is just beautiful !


We went to see Kaas lake. The lake was overflowing and weather was typical monsoon weather. We had “gavati chaha Tea” ( Tea with Lemon Grass) at Kaas. This type of tea seems to be very famous as most of the tea stops were advertising it. We could see the “valley of flowers” but without any flowers as we were slightly early for the blossom.

We started at 7:30 AM from Pune and were back by 8 PM.