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When my son and his friends asked me to join on a  birding trip to Sattal & Pangot in Uttarakhand, I was very excited and looking forward for this visit !  The whole trip was very well planned by them, I just did all the bookings which were decided by them.

Sattal ( Elevation: 1370 mts) and Pangot ( Elevation : 2000 mtrs)  have become very famous for the birding activity in a last few years. Thanks to Hari Lama, Lokesh and other birding guides in that area. Depending on the season, you can see more than 200 species of Himalayan birds. It is located at about 250 kms/6 Hrs hours distance from New Delhi by train or road.

We had planned for a 6 nights/7 days trip – with 4 days in Sattal and 2 days in Pangot.

We took Pune-Delhi flight and then Delhi Metro to reach our hotel, Ginger Yatri Nivas,  which is next to the New Delhi Railway station. The New Delhi Metro is much better than London or Paris Metro in terms of cleanliness. The location of “Ginger Yatri Nivas” is also very convenient if you are catching a train from New Delhi Train station.

On the next day, we started at 6 AM from the New Delhi Railway station and reached Kathgodam at 11:30 AM. It takes about an hour to reach Sattal from Kathgodam by car. The train journey by  the Shtabdi Exparess was excellent – Very good food, air conditioned and charging points all over the places.

All the arrangements of the trip from Kathgodam were made by our bird guide, Lokesh Kumar. We stayed  at “Birdder’s Den” at Sattal. They have created a place for birds to come for food & water and also place for the bird watcher/photographers to take the pictures of the birds coming there. The hotel is really very good – Very good food, excellent view of the valley, beautiful flowers and a lot of birding.

We spent our afternoon at Birders’s den. There were so many birds coming to the den and all of us were very excited watching and clicking the pictures. In the afternoon, we went to a birder’s spot in Sattal. This spot is near the lake and local bird guides have created this birding spot in the stream near the lake. There was a lot of excitement to see the new birds from Himalaya region at this spot.

There are other birding spots near Sattal – Chaffi River, Kaichi and Shamkhet,  which we visited to see the different kind of birds.

After staying in Sattal for 4 days, we went to Pangot, which is at slightly higher elevation than Sattal and nearer to Nainital. You can see different birds at Pangot than what to get see at  Sattal.  We saw some rare birds such as Cheera and Koklass at Pangot.

We stayed in “Kafal House” at Pangot. It has a very beautiful valley view. The whether was nice and cool.  The food was excellent – simple but freshly made. One day, all the boys wanted to eat “Momos” so went to Nainital and had a great monos at the famous “Sonam” hotel in  the Tibet Market.

Overall in the trip, we saw more than 130 species of the bird ( will share the bird list soon). Many of them are very colorful and beautiful.  The credit for a great birding also goes to Lokesh Kumar, our birding guide and to my son & his friends. Lokeshkumar is simply great in locating and identifying birds. He took a lot of effort to show us some of the rare birds.

Nobody from our group knows how these 7 days went. We were not tired and did not want to go back to earth from the paradise!!