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May 2018 (TR#22)

I have been doing cycling for a few years now and was dreaming of cycling in Europe after reading about the cycling trips across Europe.  Europe has dedicated cycling tracks all across Europe and a number of options for cycling trip including “Boat and Bike”.  We choose one such tour for cycling from Passau ( Germany ) to Vienna ( Austria) via “Boat – Bike Tours”.  The idea is do cycling during the day and stay on the boat in the night. While you cycle during the day, the boat will cruise to the destination waiting for you.  Our boat “Ms Arkona”,  was completely refurbished. The twin sharing cabins were self contained. The food was fantastic with everyday different menu !



From Munich, we took a train and reached Passau in the afternoon. All were very excited to spot our Boat “Ms Arkona”. In the evening, after a round of introductions, we had a fantastic 7 course gala dinner.   We realized we were the youngest group; the average age of the entire group of 100+ people will be around 65!!   We were looking forward for the cycling ride from the next day.

The bikes were very basic ( 1 x 7 gears) and those who need help on the up hill, they were provided with the e-bikes. The dedicated  cycling route of 200 Kms goes along with Danube river which runs across Europe. There are gentle up-hills at time but most of the track is flat. On the route, there were a  number of cafes, bars, restaurants and Hotels.




We started from Passau around 9:30 AM after a  breakfast and briefing.  We had to cross the Danube river immediately via boat to get on to the bike track. We took a brief stop after an hour at Hofkirchen. It has a really nice restaurant run by a couple.  We had a lunch on the way and reached our first destination – UnterMuhl at 3 PM. The first day of biking was non eventful except we had to cycle more because of 2 of our members lost the road.  We were not at all tired and really enjoyed the first day ! We had a lot of fun!!

From UnterMuhl, we sailed to the city of Linz in Austria. It is a very old Austrian city with rich history. We saw the Linz via a tourist train.