TR #24 , June 2018

We flew to Buffalo from Dallas via Atlanta.  Buffalo is the closest big city from US side to visit Niagara. If you have Canada visa, you can go via Toronto as well. We got a very good deal at Hotel Hyatt which is right in the center of Buffalo city. 

On the next day, after breakfast, we started out to see the Niagara falls. The whether was good but slightly hot & humid. The drive to Niagara falls is about 45 minutes from the city.  While the drive is good, the Niagara falls city area is not that great. It is very typical tourist place ! We parked our car in the parking garage and then headed out to the Niagara falls garden to view the falls.

 The view of Niagara falls is spectacular !  The width of the fall is amazing. Some part is in US and some part in Canada. We took the “Mist of the Meadow” ride which takes you right close to the fall. It is too good and definitely a life time experience.

We went back to Buffalo for some rest and came back in the evening to see the falls in the night. The falls is lighted and it looks amazing  !!  Both governments, have done a great job on the lighting. If you are from US side, you can see a lot of casinos from Canada. I wish we had a Canadian visa to try our luck at casinos.

There is not much to see in Buffalo than the Niagara falls. I think 1.5- 2 days visit  to Buffalo is good enough.  We also visited Buffalo University to meet one of our acquaintances. The university is very beautiful and with summer time, it is looking more beautilful.

Buffalo Univeristy